Tobacco & Related Products

Vintage Advertising Available In The Photographic Galleries

Each link listed below will take you to a page within my Picasa photo-gallery. You can scroll through the gallery by clicking on the arrows that appear on either side of every picture. Clicking on the heading will take you to an overview of the gallery. This page is constantly being revised as more adverts are added to the photo gallery (last revision 16/11/12).

Tobacco & Related Products


Abdulla -
B.D.V. - B.D.V. Cigarettes 1924
Carreras Ltd., London, England. - Craven A 1926
De Reszke -
Du Maurier -
Imperial Tobacco Co. Ltd., England.Player's Advert 1894 - Player's Airman Tobaccos Advert 1930 - Player's Please - Navy Cut Advert 1930 - Player's Please - Navy Cut Advert 1932 -
Rothman -
Westminster -
Wills - Wills's Gold Flake Cigarettes Advert 1937 -

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